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Customer Feature Articles


CoBank Annual Report

AAA Farms

East Texas Electric Cooperative

TriCounty Telephone Association


Carolina Farm Credit – 2021 Web Content

Appalachian Christmas Mountain

Apple Wedge Packers

Hickory Nut Gap Farm

Metrolina Greenhouses


Farm Credit Bank of Texas Landscapes Magazine

Noisy Water Winery


Farm Credit of the Virginias Leader Magazine

Ecco Adesso

Thousand Hills Farms

Three Sisters Farm

Marketing Communications 


Farm Credit Bank of Texas Landscapes Magazine

Rural Broadband – The Need for Speed

Farm Credit of Northwest Florida Collateral

Rural Land Investment Guide

Land Financing Guide

“Farm Credit of the Virginias has relied on Karen Macdonald for many years to help us meet our editorial needs. She continues to be an experienced resource we can count on. Karen understands the Farm Credit System and the customers and communities that we serve. Her writing is both professional and compelling, and she is a joy to work with.”

Farm Credit of the Virginias

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